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May 02 2011

Hola Tweakers,

I’d like to announce that we’re working on a new website for MzTweak.com. Soon, we’ll start working on new software programs and also upgrading the existing once.

That’s why I need your help!!!

  • Please feel free to comment with whatever idea you have regarding MzTweak.com.
  • Please suggest us with feature ideas
  • New software ideas
  • or anything you’d like us to get done

Thanks, and will see you soon.

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New versions are available!

Dec 19 2010

New versions are available.

There have been made some minor improvements.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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New versions and website released!

Sep 27 2010

At last the new Mz Ultimate Tools and website have been released.

I worked very hard for these version, but it worth the effort.

I hope you will like them!

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The final BETA versions are ready!

Sep 26 2010

The final BETA versions of all Mz Ultimate Tools are ready! They have been released to beta testers. In the next few days i will release the new site with the new versions!

I would like to thank all the beta testers, for testing my programs!

New Progress: 95%

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Working progress…

Jul 25 2010

I am making some minor changes to my programs to fully support Windows x64bit platforms!
The development of the Windows 7 tweak tool has been started!
Some installers have been created.
The new website is now under active development.

I am searching beta testers and especially Windows x64bit users. Anyone interested, email me (mztweak@gmail.com)

New versions are one step closer……

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Mz Ultimate Booster progress…

Jul 10 2010

New progress of Mz Ultimate Booster: 90%

Currently i am working on the installers..

Mz Ultimate Booster is simple to use, so no help file will be created…

When i finish with them, i will start building a Windows 7 Tweak Suite!

So things left to do:
1) Installers
2) Windows 7 Tweak Suite
3) Help files
4) Update Mz XP Tweak & Mz Vista Force
5) Create new website

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Mz Ultimate Booster progress…

Jul 03 2010

New progress: 65%

Have to do: Language support, create new help file, do some more test for small changes.

Unfortunately, i have removed many hardware-performance tweaks (Graphic Card, CD/DVD,, for a more safe performance boost!

Full Windows 7 and 64bit OS support!

Here is a screen shot:

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Latest progress…

Jun 14 2010

Mz StartUp Manager 90%
Mz Services Manager 90%
Mz Ultimate Cleaner 90%
Mz Registry Cleaner Postponed for 2010
Mz Ram Booster 90%
Mz Cpu Accelerator 90%
Mz Registry Backup 90%
Mz Registry Optimizer 90%
Mz Shutdown Scheduler 90%
Mz Xp Tweak (formerly Mz Ultimate Tweaker) No update (utilities will be updated)
Mz Vista Force No update (utilities will be updated)
Mz Ultimate Tools Updater new 90%
Mz Game Accelerator new 90%
Mz Ultimate Booster (formerly AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker ) 40%
A Windows 7 Tweak Tool new 0%
New help files 30%
New setups 15%
New Website and Server 50%
Mz Power Manager 90%

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Mz Ultimate Booster progress…

Jun 09 2010

New progress: 20%

‘Scan Engine’ has been completed! The new engine will scan only for the main hardware items (CPU ,RAM, Hard Disk(s), Graphic Card) and some Windows settings.
Operating system and processor selection from the main options, will be removed. Now, they will be detected automatically.
Unfortunately, many old tweaks will be removed.
Optimization dialog will be added to show the exact changes that Mz Ultimate Booster does!!
Temporary files cleaning and registry optimization, are now much faster!
New Windows 7 tweaks will be added!
Language support and themes will be added!
Optimization process will be much faster!
Cancellation of optimization process will be now applicable!

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Mz Registry Backup progress…

May 24 2010

Mz Registry backup progress has reached 70%.
Here is a screenshot:

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