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Jul 25 2010 Published by admin under Progress...

I am making some minor changes to my programs to fully support Windows x64bit platforms!
The development of the Windows 7 tweak tool has been started!
Some installers have been created.
The new website is now under active development.

I am searching beta testers and especially Windows x64bit users. Anyone interested, email me (

New versions are one step closer……

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  • mzfans says:

    Wow Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!

  • debjit says:

    i work on a windows 7 64 bit computer, with 4 gigs of ram and a core 2 duo cpu. am a big fan of your tools, i would likw to test yours tools!!

  • fmz says:

    your program is very simple and effective
    I wait with impatience the new version

  • lee says:

    Hey up chap love the tool any new on new version.?

    I noticed the difference straight away for my games. what does it do to tweak graphics a cpu m8 would like to know.
    I have done a alot of benchmarking when reg tweaking myself.

    Info would be great.

    p.s hope ur stilll making new version.

  • Frank Leitao says:

    Hello I would like to try the next version.
    I tried the latest version on windows 7 64bit.
    I cannot see the settings or change them.
    Wanted to try it.

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