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May 02 2011 Published by admin under New versions news

Hola Tweakers,

I’d like to announce that we’re working on a new website for MzTweak.com. Soon, we’ll start working on new software programs and also upgrading the existing once.

That’s why I need your help!!!

  • Please feel free to comment with whatever idea you have regarding MzTweak.com.
  • Please suggest us with feature ideas
  • New software ideas
  • or anything you’d like us to get done

Thanks, and will see you soon.

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  • Gordon says:

    I believe an ability to create a new restore point,from the program, before any changes to the system were made would be a big advantage.

  • Carlos Sang says:

    I hardcore fan of your applications. I work with very old computers and with the help of your software I make them meaner and faster.

    What do I want?

    I would like that Mz 7 Optimizer would have more or the same options as Mz Ultimate Tweaker and viceversa.

    What more? More optimizations, more options, more optimizations.

    Thanks for your hard work. And for making great freeware that really makes a differance. The before and after is amazing. Thanks again.

  • NastyBaby says:

    These Apps Are Super Duper Doo !!! !!! !!!
    TWEAKERZ, … … …
    I’m 3D Applications Developer.
    So, I Have An IDEA About Game Optimizer Utility?
    You May Know That There Are Different TECHNOLOGIES To Develop GAMES
    Like DirectX, Chrome Engine vX.xx, OpenGL, OpenCL, Open Sys etc
    Why Not There Is A 3D Anti-Analyzing ProtoType Software To Disable Such Unique Features For That GAME Or APPLICATION.

  • Carlos Sang says:


    You could implement more options to disable more services. I stop a lot of services that I don’t need with BlackViper’s* windows service configurations. It would be easier to have a GUI to do this.


    Also you could include some options that come with one the MS PowerToys for WinXP: TweakUI. And something similar for Win7.

  • Carlos Sang says:

    You include more options to disable more services. I use BlackViper’s website to disable a lot of services that I don’t use or need.

    Include options from TweakUI (from MS’ Powertoys for Windows XP). And make something similar for Win7.

    This is just more ideas that come to my mind.

  • Willy says:

    Look,, I’ve been tried many of windows applications to improve my old netbook and my old pc.
    I never got satisfied.
    I spent too much money and time for seaching. Until I got this one, Mztweak!! This is the perfect one! I really appreciate for the all of you who develop this application and this is free, OMG this is damn good!!!

    For me this application still the best (even paid application can’t beat Mztweak!), I just curious about what more application will you develop.

    One thing,,, many people must know this good application, I search a long time until I got this website and maybe you need to fix the appearance of this website.

    Thanks Mztweak.

  • Clinton says:

    One issue i have with the software is that i will not run the ultimate booster on my laptop. I am running windows 7 64bit and when i start the application i can select my settings but when i click start boost an error appears and the progress window remains blank. It is really bugging me and i really hope you could fix this soon. But other than that i have seen excellent results on every 32bit system i have used it on. Great work.

  • User says:

    When are new versions coming out?

    It has been a while…

  • as says:

    you should try swift shadder technology in your game accerlater and increase fps of the game with skipping the direct x and also high end process

  • Gork says:

    Download links are not working…

    When the new version are going to be released?

  • Mus says:

    Thanks for these great tools. They are just fantastic pieces of hard work.

    I repair laptops andn used your software to boost their performance to top so the buyers of the pcs are happy with their performance therefore they return to the people i work for more purchases.

    My question is would you consider working on a solution that can work on all systems (XP-Vista-7-8-8.1-10) offering:
    1-Boost performance with keeping windows visual interface as is
    2-Same above without keeping visuals
    3-Customized by user

    All your software does nice things but all in one solution would be much better. Also each option could editeable so you can edit them for once and use it on all pcs.

    For example: I disable system restore (i know it’s no good) on pcs to gain some performance as well as disabling UAC on Vista and later editions. So these could be a default setting for the 1st option that I listed above.

    You know your thing better than me. That was just an idea.

    Anyways thanks for what you have done so far.

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